Customized Private Lessons

Yoga one-on-one is completely different from a group yoga class – in this setting we are able to curate a practice that is just right for you. Hour-long sessions with me vary greatly from person to person. We will use your long-term goals, my assessment of your muscular strengths and weaknesses, and the rhythm of your day-to-day life as jumping off points and then meet that with where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally on any given day.


My goal is to bring a more anatomically informed and muscularly well-rounded practice to my students. I can see  where specific muscular weaknesses are, and I design sequences to strengthen them. I also work with my students to make sure they have functional strength and mobility.

Meredith is the first teacher I’ve had who has inspired me to maintain a consistent practice, because I’ve noticed week-to-week improvements in flexibility, balance, and mental focus.
— Jonathan K.

In addition to helping students feel physically strong, I want them to feel mentally strong. Another one of my main goals as a teacher is to guide people towards a more grounded and present state on the yoga mat, a mentality which they can eventually incorporate into other aspects of their lives as busy New Yorkers. Through consistent practice of this presence, students can begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with themselves and manifest positive change in how they relate to themselves and others.

Connecting body, breath and mind is now an integral part of our week and lasts well beyond our sessions with Meredith!
— Bill and Nelle N.

Ultimately, I hope my customized private lessons can help lead you
towards feeling happy and healthy in your own body!