Customized Digital Yoga Packages

Imagine having a workout plan designed specifically for you that can be done virtually anywhere

If you are new to the fitness world, it can be hard to know where to start. If you are living with pain, injury, limited mobility, or general muscular weakness, it can be challenging to discern what yoga poses or movement practices are safe for your body. If you have been practicing yoga for a long time, it can be hard to maintain dynamic growth in your practice. That’s where I come in.

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With the Customized Digital Yoga Package, we’ll have the chance to discuss (via Skype) your body’s history, strengths and limitations, and ultimate goals. Over the course of the next three weeks, you will receive a new 30-minute customized video (3 total) for you to practice along with. In addition, you’ll receive a ‘Daily Stretch Sheet’ – a list of recommended active stretches that can easily be performed throughout your day in order to integrate more healthy movement into your day-to-day life outside of just your “workout hour”.  

I'll be checking in throughout the month, and you're always welcome to reach out with questions/feedback for your next video. Following the three weeks of working with all of the materials in your package, we'll have a formal follow up Skype session to track your progress!

What’s Included:

-An Initial 45 minute Skype Intake Session

-Three 30 minute videos of me teaching you your customized practices

-Three extensive PDFs that lists the sequences and breakdown the poses even further

-Daily Stretch Sheet

-A 30 minute follow up Skype session to address questions and track your progress


What are others saying?

"I've had chronically bad knees for well over five years now, to the point where over the last 9 months it hurts just to walk up the stairs.  Additionally my right shoulder has a reoccurring pain from an injury suffered in my 20's and was severely limiting what activities or workouts I could perform. 

Then I came across Meredith. In no time, she set up a customized yoga routine for me, and in addition gave me tailored daily stretches to help with my pain for both my shoulders and my knees.

The results were immediate! And within 4 weeks almost all my pain was gone, and there's absolutely no twinge in climbing stairs or any other activity with my knees. My shoulder now gives me no pain, and I'm back to swinging a golf club with ease. My lifestyle is back where it was, and I've got Meredith to thank for that!"

-Chris B. 


"I am in the process of recovering from torn rotator cuff surgery and found yoga with Meredith extremely helpful in improving my flexibility and strength. This helped me move beyond standard physical therapy routines toward having more strength than before surgery. I worked with Meredith via videoconferencing and personalized videos, which were great as they allowed me to practice at my own pace and as many times as I wanted with her guidance."

-John W.