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Meredith has crafted routines and sessions that are appropriate for my ever improving skill level, always tweaking and modifying our program. A year later we have significantly improved my flexibility, strength, and I’ve gained a greater awareness and control of my body. Meredith has taught me how to use yoga to awaken my body and clear my head of the external pressures and noises of my life.
— Richard L.

Happy Clients

My wife and I have been working with Meredith, both together and individually, for well over a year now. Prior to working with Meredith, I had limited experience with Yoga while my wife had been practicing for a number of years. Meredith has a unique ability to challenge both of us to push beyond our perceived limits in the same session. Her direction, cues and the general flow of our session is on point!  

I have always been physically active (running, squash, cycling) but never paid much attention to stretching (nevermind yoga!) as I found it boring! Working with Meredith has significantly increased my flexibility, mobility, range and overall physical awareness. I am even getting compliments on my posture these days! 

Connecting body, breath and mind is now an integral part of our week and lasts well beyond our sessions with Meredith! 

— Bill N.

I was always that person who was envious of people who did yoga. They seemed so cool...so flexible...so zen! I looked with envy at the the gorgeous women with sculpted arms with a yoga mat under their arms going to or from a yoga class. But as much as I tried - I just never could get into it. Most yoga classes were intimidating; some even felt very non-inclusive. Even the beginner series I signed up for one year moved too quickly in pace and I felt uncomfortable. I even tried a private class here and there. But I couldn't really get into it. Yet every year, I wanted to try again; and this year I decided that I'll make the investment into one year of a private yoga teacher; and that I won't quit until the year is over. With that promise to myself, I used Thumbtack to look for a private teacher and found Meredith.

I knew by the end of the second session that I'd click with Meredith. She didn't seem to just use yoga but also other fitness elements to supplement her teaching. I had and continue to have chronic shoulder issues and she knew how to work with me. Most importantly, she never made me feel stupid or awkward. By the end of the first month, I noticed I looked forward to her sessions, and I started to notice the meditative element of yoga I heard of that had previously eluded me. Even though I struggled through the poses or perhaps it's because I struggled, I really appreciated the connection of breathing with the flow of movements. By the end of the 3 months, I felt a difference in my flexibility and mobility had drastically improved. And more surprisingly, I was able to complete the downward dog pose without a block and complete a variation of the sun salutation and enjoy it! This was a goal I had given myself one year to complete and I'm already there in just a few months. I can't say enough about Meredith's professionalism and abilities. It also helps that we laugh a lot together and have fun during the sessions. She's all around a pleasure and I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a private yoga teacher.

-Cassandra C.

Learning has never been this fun and exciting!! My husband and I started yoga with Meredith a year ago and now it’s part of our weekly routine, we absolutely look forward to her classes and can see a big change in our posture, peace of mind, flexibility to say the least! She is very professional, courteous, friendly and eager to teach ! Absolutely recommend !! 

- Ayesha and Aditya P. 

Working with Meredith truly felt like time well spent. She was specific and creative in crafting a sequence for me that targeted the very parts of my body I felt restricted by. I saw clear improvement in the physical mobility of my lower back, and knew I’d engaged muscles in my core that I generally leave neglected. She was encouraging but concise during our time together, and I’m certain I could benefit from having sessions with her on a regular basis. It felt like we were challenging and caring for my body at the same time! Can’t wait to see her again!

-Jacob C. 

Meredith was professional, fun, and listened to exactly what my needs were for our class. I booked her for my sister's bachelorette party. It was a mix of beginners and intermediates and Meredith's class was great for all levels. She had a great sense of humor and she tailored the music to our specifications. It was amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a private yoga class.

-Amy V.

Meredith is a talented, patient and intuitive yoga teacher with a clear and natural communication style. She tailors every lesson for me with a combination of poses I want to improve and others she knows will benefit me that day. Meredith always gives the right amount of feedback; she never overwhelms with corrections but always gently shows how I can improve. She has a calming, soothing presence that helps me stay relaxed and in the moment. After our sessions I always feel rested but alert and ready for the day. After years of trying yoga off and on, Meredith is the first teacher I've had who has inspired me to maintain a consistent practice, because I've noticed week-to-week improvements in flexibility, balance, and mental focus.

— Jonathan K. 

Hello, my name is Richard L and I do yoga. A year ago I was 59 year old out of shape uncoordinated man in search of an exercise that I could do regularly, would fit my schedule and that I would stick with –  in the convenience of my home.  About the same time a 67 year old friend, a lifetime athlete who was sidelined due to injuries from contact sports, recommended Yoga as great way to get in shape, sharpen your mind and connect to ones spiritual being. I wasn’t sold.

In December of 2016 my wife found Meredith Bechtel, via a posting on the internet and the journey began. On day one Meredith welcomed me with a warm smile,  she asked a number of  health and get to know you questions, and provided me, the cynic, with a some history about her training and basic information about yoga.

Meredith proceeded slowly and assessed my terrible physical condition as she gently guided me through very fundamental positions. Very early on I realized that my 20 year hiatus from exercise left me a wound up inflexible hunk of jelly.  Even in our very first session I observed how well Meredith listens and observes her student while guiding with precisely detailed instructions as well as demonstrating of the positions.

Our weekly session grew into twice a week. Meredith has crafted routines and sessions that are appropriate for my ever improving skill level, always tweaking and modifying our program. A year later we have significantly improved my flexibility, strength, and I’ve gained a greater awareness and control of my body. Meredith has taught me how to use yoga to awaken my body and clear my head of the external pressures and noises of my life.

My improvements are real and significant for that- thank you Meredith.

— Richard L.

Meredith is an extremely knowledgeable yoga instructor that can help any student improve and excel at his or her own pace.  I had only dabbled in yoga before taking lessons with her and I have learned so much and improved so much - all thanks to her teaching.  She also has a amazing understanding of pre/postnatal yoga and has been a huge help during my pregnancy.  Our regular sessions have been the most beneficial and enjoyable activity I have done to prepare for labor and delivery.  I cannot recommend her enough!  

-Lexi F.

I haven't done a lot of yoga in the past, but am now much more appreciate of the benefits thanks to Meredith.  She is great at explaining the purpose of each pose and how to adjust posture and balance to get the full effect.  After about a month of classes with Meredith I feel fitter and healthier.  Her classes are very convenient - she comes to my home and is always on time, even for early morning sessions. 

— Kyle T.

Working with Meredith has been an absolute delight. Equally at home blasting Beyonce or taking it easy with a more spiritual, meditative soundtrack, my knowledge of yoga has grown exponentially in only a few sessions. I feel challenged, but never out of my league, tackling a wide variety of poses and sequences. Establishing a judgment-free zone early on, her sense of trust and peace is aided by her hands-on adjustments. Rest easy, you will be in very capable hands if you choose Meredith as your guru!

-Monica B.